24.07.2021: Mirja Reuter — SALE SALE SALE

Saturday, 27h July 2021, 8.30 pm @ Wiegand von Hartmann, Amalienpassage
A staged reading with Donika Kida, Kyrill Constantinides Tank and Mirja Reuter.

Sale Sale Sale builds on the script of Mirja Reuter's video work de rigeur, created in October 2020 on the occasion of a residency at FLORIDA Lothringer 13.

Photos: Constanza Meléndez
Financially supported by Kulturreferat München

Mirja Reuter is an artist, art educator and mediator, she lives and works in Berlin and in Munich. Her artistic work is characterized by a transdisciplinarity that unites aesthetic practices and theoretical considerations in a socially engaged and artistic practice. In her cross-media work, she researches, among other things, the problematic of the subject of the viewer since modernism and the themes of work and time. She conceives participation and educational projects, teaches, writes and researches. Since 2014 Mirja Reuter is part of the bookstore and publishing collective b_books in Berlin. Together with Florian Gass, she has been realizing environments designed as play and action spaces for children and young people since 2010. 

17 x 24 cm, 24 pages, digital print, stapled, with tag, language is German
content: script, a kind of personal review of the work phase, with photos, collages and drawings

ISBN: 978-3-947250-38-7

limited edition of 70

12 EUR + shipping keine Ausweisung der Mehrwertsteuer gemäß § 19 UStG

Order here via Hammann von Mier Verlag

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