13.09.2020: FAM_—FAMilia Stradale. Abolish the Police w/FAM_

fam_djs: tryniti, N7zza, Villainesse
special guests: 4.20pm, Polly Zei
bar display: Stefanie Hammann
#untermradar: Mako Sangmongkhon, Leyla Schiemenz, Benjamin Ton aka Boas
tongues: Maria VMier
photos: Constanza Meléndez, Maria VMier

This event is part of Various Others 2020

Financially supported by Kulturreferat München

FAM_ is an anarchafeminist collective based in Berlin, London and Essen. At their pop-up events, oscillating between bar, party and intimate living-room-karaoke settings, they aim for safe spaced entertainment and room for togetherness. FAM_events are for FLINTs & Allies to discover music and art, sharing drinks, playing games and meeting new partners in crime.

4.20pm is a dj and based in Munich and playlist creator for the independent label Alvozay. Into queer ant anti-racist work themselves, they‘re going to play the fulminant closer of FAMILIA STRADALE 💕

Polly Zei, also known as nnast_antn, is close fam_ily and, as an artist, has already collaborated with us at several online and offline FAM_events. Their work evolves around pleasure, erotics and the default fear of desire. Her current dripping 18+ lez love colorbook can be found at tegelmedia.net. As Polly Zei, she’s going to explore the gogo-dancy side of abolitionism with us.

As a classy double gemini, Villainesse mostly wants everything and everything at once. Dancing to ecstatic jumpstyle while laughing about a joke she just invented, is her favourite mode. Chaotic evil meets lovely fluff—with Villainesse you’ll never know what comes around next. 

tryniti mixes heartbreaking lyrics with laid back pop, dancy trap, and the melody that made you cry when you were 16. Their sets are emo, deep and fun like cute lil sips of emerald green alcopops.

As femme hardliner, N7zza never touches dude produced music. There’s just too much explosive stuff in the shelves of queer, femme and nb tunes. Focusing on the dancy and dark side of partying, N7zza always brings some club-vibes back from her ravy past, sprinkled with ravishing gems of contemporary hip-hop, dancehall and raggeaton.

FAM_ x Ruine Edition, hand dyed cloth, approx. 30 x 50 cm, comes in a folded envelope.

Edition of 70, numbered
each piece is different and a surprise

12 EUR + shipping keine Ausweisung der Mehrwertsteuer gemäß § 19 UStG

Order here via Hammann von Mier Verlag

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