04.11.2019 Ruine München @ Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg

invited by Trauma Team

10min readings by:
Kyrill Constantindes Tank
Jan Erbelding
Maria VMier
Natalie Brück
Max Grau
Laura Ziegler

with Ruine editions:
"Ode on a Grecian Holiday" by Sophie Jung
"Alte Tage" by Johanna Gonschorek
"I'm feeling emulsional" by Rebecca Erin Moran
"You see I've always wanted things to be beautiful" by Max Grau
"Als Hallo die mündliche Welt verliess" by Kyrill Constantinides Tank
"The Görli from Ipanema (and other texts)" by Adelaide Ivánova
"The is the keyhole, the penpot; the heart" by Transmission Glasgow (Thulani Rachia, Adam Benmakhlouf, Myriam Mouflih, Alberta Whittle, Alaya Ang and Katherine Ka Yi Liu)
"Festkleben" by Natalie Brück
"Hansewurst des Ekels" by Laura Ziegler
"Wisdom Warriors" by Diogo Da Cruz

additional works:
"Texten zur Kunst. von Laura Ziegler" by Stephan Janitzky and Toni Hildebrandt,
"Form your Character" by Hammann von Mier
clock by Jan Erbelding
Sockentheater of "Hansewurst des Ekels" by Laura Ziegler

book display: Leo Heinik

music: Max Grau, Raphael Dillhof

Laura Ziegler

>>> Pdf of "Texten zur Kunst von Laura Ziegler" by Toni and Stephi

Stephan Janitzky

Jan Erbelding

Hammann von Mier

Leo Heinik

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